Quantitative Critical Thinking (QCT) - A Recruitment Decision Analytics Resource

Why the Harrison QCT is so powerful:

  • Proven highly predictive accuracy equivalent to a full-range of cognitive tests... in only 10-15 minutes!
  • Based on job requirements, Harrison Assessments' QCT has a high ethical standard that greatly reduces legal risks.

Harrison Assessments QCT Smart Questionnaire raises the bar on cognitive testing and recruitment success:

  • QCT's intelligent online questionnaire quickly identifies the candidate's level of ability and focuses the testing on that level.
  • QCT eliminates the "guess" factor by avoiding multiple-choice items (answers are entered).
  • Questions are varied and technically scrambled to prevent cheating.
  • Resulting scores are related to the specific job, making interpretation easy and accurate.
  • The QCT testing process and results can be seamlessly integrated with Harrison Assessments' suitability and eligibility assessments, incorporating other essential talent decision analytics.
  • Easy-to-use candidate dashboard saves time by ranking candidates according to scores.
  • The QCT system automatically generates a candidate-specific Verification Mini Test enabling interviewers to quickly determine whether the candidate completed the questionnaire.
  • Mobile-friendly, QCT can be completed on a smart phone.
  • QCT system provides options to include resume and/or cover letter upload.
  • Allows multiple administration accounts with varied levels of access.
  • Comprehensive system enables customizable job descriptions, job campaign management, candidate tracking, automated decline emails, and other recruitment process efficiency features.

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