Why use Psychometric Tests?

Psychometric tests have a very important place when recruiting employees. If you hire only based on qualifications, you are likely to soon discover that the new hires are lacking in necessary attitudes, motivations, behavioural competencies, and engagement. You might think that you can assess behaviour at the interview, but research has shown that interviews are very ineffective at assessing on the job behaviour. Psychometric tests are based on a pre-developed strategy and consequently provide better insight into behaviour. They also provide significant insight that makes the interview more effective, enabling the interviewer to ask highly revealing questions.

Psychometric tests can also play a very important role when developing employees because they can encourage behavioural competencies and highlight development issues in a much more personal way. They also can empower managers to better understand employees and help to create high performing teams.

There are several important keys to selecting an effective psychometric test:

1) The psychometric test should be tailored for the specific job. Jobs have very different behavioural requirements and consequently general personality tests are not effective when used for employment assessment. It is not possible to effectively assess behavioural for a wide variety of jobs using a questionnaire designed to measure only a few general personality factors.

2) The psychometric test should be job focused and ask only job related questions. General questions unrelated to work are not nearly as effective and often lead to legal risks as well as poor employment decisions.

3) The psychometric test should engage the person taking the assessment in a positive way. You don't want to put off great talent with a psychometric test that turns them off to your company. The testing process should be designed to help the individual make better job choices and highlight his/her employment needs and preferences. If the applicant feels that the test is designed to evaluate their personality, they can turn off or try to skew their answers. However a questionnaire that focuses on issues of mutual benefit reduces the tendency of applicants to lie and provides a much more enriching experience for applicants and employees.

4) Psychometric tests are becoming more and more frequently used and therefore test takers are becoming more able to skew the answers. The test should have a very effective strategy of lie detection and preferably a technological solution to test the reliability of the answers.

5) The psychometric test should be able to show a significant track record of effectively predicting job success for a wide variety of jobs. The test developer should be able to provide validation studies that show a strong correlation with actual job performance. And, the assessment should be able to provide a low cost benchmarking study that can demonstrate its ability to identify success factors and derailers for your specific job(s).

6) A highly effective psychometric test should be designed to predict and create employee engagement and retention as well as performance. It's not much use to hire or promote top performers unless you are able to retain them!

Harrison Suitability Assessment measures 175 behavioural factors, enabling job specific assessment for a wide variety of jobs. It is entirely job focused and consequently prevents legal disputes. It is designed to identify job success as well as job satisfaction. It highlights work passions leading to employee engagement and retentions. In addition it has 4 mechanisms of lie detection that make it nearly impossible to cheat.

  • Low cost and easy setup.
  • The SmartQuestionniare™ provides a comprehensive assessment of job suitability in only 30 minutes.
  • More than 6500 researched Job Success Formulas enables job-specific assessment with minimal customisation.
  • Extensive validation related to specific job performance.
  • Face validity and job-related questions provide strong legal defensibility.
  • Identifies and measures core behavioural competencies using Paradox Technology™.
  • Is available both online and offline in over 26 languages.
  • The SmartQuestionniare™ provides the most effective deception detection technology in the industry.
  • Predicts work satisfaction and retention using our Enjoyment Performance methodology.

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