Interview Questions and Tools

Harrison Assessments' interview questions and tools transform the interview into a highly productive discussion related to mutual needs and result in the selection and retention of top talent. The methodology enables interviewers to clarify and focus on the key job requirements as well as the candidate's employment needs, engagement factors and retention factors. This process leads to an open and honest discussion of mutual needs resulting in quality employment decisions, employee engagement, retention, and strategic onboarding.

Key Features

  • A library of 6500 job specific templates based on performance research
  • Pre-assessment of qualifications saving time and money
  • Interview questions related to qualifications, tailored to the job
  • Behavioural interview questions tailored to the job
  • Customisable scoring options
  • Customisable weighting of factors and assessment segments
  • Interview results incorporated into the overall assessment and reports
  • Dashboard shows all assessment results and automatically ranks candidates
  • Short training course for recruiters that results in all the benefits below


  • Pre-assessment of job qualifications (eligibility) resulting in time and cost savings
  • Eligibility and behavioural assessment tailored to your job and/or behavioural competencies
  • Accurate assessment of eligibility (education, experience and skills)
  • Deep understanding of how candidates will behave on the job
  • Company branding and PR resulting from positive interviewing
  • Quality decision-making for hiring and promotion
  • Alignment of HR and hiring managers related to job requirements
  • Systematic and consistent interviewing resulting in aligned decision-making
  • Elevation of HR status and role as human capital expert
  • Strong legal compliance and prevention of legal challenges

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