Assessment Tool

Harrison Assessments delivers assessment tool methodologies that will virtually ensure you identify and hire the best candidate for the job. Our assessment tools quantify both eligibility (skills, experience and education) and suitability (motivation, personality, interpersonal skills, engagement, and employment expectations.

Harrison Assessments' assessment tools are customisable to your specific organization and its needs and your specific job requirements, making the assessment process more accurate and legally defensible. Our 6500 Job Success Formulas, make it easy to assess applicants related to specific job requirements.

Our assessment tools automate the talent recruitment process and make talent development more effective. The customisable and flexible system allows for detailed weighting and scoring of eligibility and suitability factors.

Using our assessment tools will also allow you to integrate results from third party assessments such as IQ tests and skills test etc. All aspects of assessment can then be integrated into one final score taking the guesswork out of recruitment or succession planning decisions. This versatility and flexibility makes Harrison's Assessments the most comprehensive assessment tool on the market.

Contact us for more information or take a look at our sample reports to see how Harrison Assessments can help you with any of your HR solution needs.