Harrison Assessments - Enjoyment Performance Methodology

The Importance of Work Satisfaction

Measuring work satisfaction is essential to determine motivation and forecast whether an individual will prosper, succeed and stay with the organization. Most behavioural and personality assessments fail to measure work satisfaction and are therefore limited to predicting personality.

Hire, Motivate & Retain Top Talent

Harrison Assessment's 24+ years of research prove that employees who enjoy at least 75% or more of their job are 3 times more likely to succeed than employees who enjoy less than 75% of their job. Measuring factors related to work satisfaction makes it possible to predict job success and therefore hire, motivate and retain top talent.

3 Keys to Work Satisfaction

Harrison Assessment's Enjoyment-Performance Methodology considers 3 key issues related to work satisfaction and retention, measuring the degree to which a person's:

1. Preferred tasks fit the job.

2. Interests fit the job.

3. Work environment preferences fit the job.

The Link Between Enjoyment and Performance

Enjoyment and Performance are linked because the level of enjoyment that an employee has while performing a particular activity is directly related to the level of their performance relative to that activity.

When people enjoy a task, they tend to do it more, and get better at it. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, good performance creates acknowledgment and/or positive self-regard which then causes people to enjoy the task even more.

A Win-Win Result

Harrison Assessment Solutions predict performance, work satisfaction and retention. They enable companies to motivate people and increase their performance by assigning the roles and responsibilities that give them the highest degree of work satisfaction. Harrison Assessments also enables companies to show their employees that they care about their work satisfaction. This genuine concern in itself evokes a positive response from employees. This mutually beneficial result ensures that both employees and employers win!

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